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The FundRunners Fun Run is selected by top schools across America year after year as their fundraiser of choice.  It does more than raise a ton of money for our schools.  It provides more than a walk-a-thon for the students.  The FundRunners Fun Run helps students find their greatness!  The program is CustomFit for your school's campus.

Each student is involved in an experience that helps them see their greatness.  The environment created by the FundRunners Fun Run is supported by our FitCharacter (Fitness and Character building) curriculum that empowers them to make the right choices longer.  Your students Have a Ton of Fun learning FitCharacter choices...and how fun those choices make their day as they prep for the Fun Run day.  


FunRunTime Fun Run

The FunRunTime Fun Run is selected by top schools across America year after year as their fundraiser of choice.  It does more than raise a ton of money for schools.  It provides more than a walk-a-thon for the students.  The FunRunTime Fun Run helps students find their greatness!  We have three secrets of success: Energy, Enthusiasm, and Fun.  Knowing every campus is different, we take the time to CustomFit the program to meet your needs.  Want to hear what people are here

A 1-minute video summarizing FunRunTime goals

Find out more about our FitCharacter Theme by clicking below:

The FunRunTime Fun Run is highly profitable for our schools.  Our schools profit from the character initiative and fitness event as much as they profit financially.  This unforgettable experience creates an environment of fitness is fun and a good character is cool leaves your families wanting it year after year.  The other unforgettable experience is watching the FunRunTime team do all the work.

The 8 school-day event is simple for everyone to understand.  There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products.  Students simply gather pledges from friends and family.  Sponsors will pledge a per-lap amount or a flat donation amount towards their student.  Students will typically run 30 laps (2 miles) with a lap cap of 36 at the Fun Run day.  Per-lap pledges will be multiplied by the number of laps ran by their sponsored student, typically 30 laps or $30 for each $1 pledged per-lap.

There are 4 parts to FunRunTime Fun Run

KickOff Day

A 3-minute video walking through our entire program.

Our explosive assemblies are meant to grab every students interest.  The FunRunTime team explains how the Fun Run day will be next week, and every student will run, jog, walk, dance, limbo around the FunRunTime track receiving a Free shirt or running bib for that day.  The team will also talk about the character initiative and how the students will gather pledges over the next 9 days.  We introduce our incentives and focus on team and school-wide incentives.


Character Days


The 6 days following the KickOff day are Character Days.  The FunRunTime Team starts most days in the morning car lines with music, high-fives, and tons of energy.  Each day is packed with interactive presentations to students, team parties and rewards.  Our daily approach is developmentally appropriate and falls on the discretion of the administration and teachers.  The character days are designed for schools to continue as normal with their learning schedules.

Fun Run Day


The Fun Run day is AWESOME!  The students have been waiting weeks for this day.  The FunRunTime team begins setting up before sunrise.  Students arrive and come to the FunRunTime track at the scheduled time with Team Names and posters.  Students run, walk, dance and limbo around the track for 30 minutes to FUN music and themed laps.  Parents come to the event to cheer on their students.  Even teachers enjoy watching and participating in their teams having Tons of Fun.  At the conclusion, lap totals are tallied and recorded, photos are taken, and high-fives are flying.

Collections (

FunRunTime has an amazing, PTA/PTO supported online pledge & pay system at  This system records and organizes all the pledges, allows sponsors to pay their pledges, informs students/parents on the donation status of each of their sponsors, emails parents and sponsors with Fun Run information only, provides great reports for the treasurer and provides a Fun Zone for students to laugh (Fitness laughing is good for the stomach muscles).