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The FunRunTime Fun Run is selected by top schools across America year after year as their fundraiser of choice.  It does more than raise a ton of money for our schools.  It provides more than a walk-a-thon for the students.  The FunRunTime Fun Run helps students find their greatness!  The program is CustomFit for your school's campus.

Each student is involved in an experience that helps them see their greatness.  The environment created by the FunRunTime Fun Run is supported by our FitCharacter (Fitness and Character building) curriculum that empowers them to make the right choices longer.  Your students Have a Ton of Fun learning FitCharacter choices...and how fun those choices make their day as they prep for the Fun Run day.  


Why FunRunTime?

$$$ - Show me the money

FunRunTime consistently raises 75% more money than product-sale fundraisers on average.  Unlike our competitors, our program's design yields consistent financial results year after year.  Schools turn to FunRunTime from other Fun Run competitors to 'rebrand' their Fun Run event bringing increased revenues in total amount collected, a higher percentage kept by the school, and happier parents.  Schools partnered with FunRunTime are keeping up to 70% of the collected donations with FunRunTime paying for everything else.

Hassle Free

FunRunTime Fun Run is designed to keep the hassles off the schools and parent organizations.  Our team members are critical thinkers with tons of energy.  We manage the event from prep meetings through collecting the donations.  We are continually working closely with schools and parent organizations to produce strong communication and promotion strategies.  We provide a team on campus for the entire 8 school-day event to manage, lead and organize the daily details and responsibilities.  FunRunTime also provides off-site managers that are not busy with the daily details of multiple events.  They are actively serving your organization to bring solutions before issues arise.  

FitCharacter Program

Our FitCharacter program brings Fitness and Character building together using FUN as the glue.  FunRunTime wants each and every student to know that Fitness is FUN.  Fitness can shape your day, fuel your day and give you more days.  FunRunTime wants each and every student to know which character traits and habits formed bring healthy relationships, positive attitudes, and worthwhile rewards.  Our team members are full of energy and life.  We take the time to find individuals who are passionate about being a role model of Fitness, Character building, and FUN.

Includes all students

FunRunTime Fun Run includes the entire student body in the entire program whether or not financial pledges are given.  Our approach to the students is not 'prize-centric'.  Our approach is focused on the experience and team-environment created by FunRunTime and FitCharacter curriculum.  This provides a healthy motivation the students and parents want to move-on.

FunRunTime entire 8 school-day event has your student-body talking about the FitCharacter initiative and having Tons of Fun.  It brings families to the campus to cheer on their students in the Fun Run day.  Teachers and administrators come together to decorate their classrooms and encourage their students around fitness and supporting their school/organization.  The local team comes back to the school campus away from the Fun Run fundraiser to promote other FitCharacter initiatives and keep the relationships alive.