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Fun Run Time, Inc is chosen by top schools and organizations across America year after year as their event fundraiser of choice. It does more than raise a ton of money for schools. It provides more than just a jog-a-thon for students. Fun Run Time helps America’s youth find their greatness and assists schools and organizations with all their fundraising needs! The program is CustomFit for your campus.

Each Fun Run Time event is designed to meet your exact needs! We offer various levels of service ranging from our software and expertise package to a full service event that leaves little to no work for the organization. Examples of events include jog-a-thons, color blast runs, indoor glow runs, lift-a-thons, math-a-thons, read-a-thons, and so much more. We can also turn your dance party, splash party, or field day into your next big fundraiser! Find out how our schools are keeping up to 90% profit!

Fun Run Time Fun Run

Fun Run Time Fun Run is organized and led by our Fun Run Team the entire 8 school days on your campus. We invest 250-300 man-hours into the program that becomes an annual event.  The entire community will talk about it!

The Fun Run led by the FunRunTime team is our highest revenue generating offer for our schools.  The percentage plan is based off a sliding scale that goes up to 70%, and yes, a majority of schools reach 60% with half of those schools reaching above 65%.  This offering provides all materials, man-power and equipment.  

Click the image to watch a video about our Fun Run program for elementary schools.