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The FunRunTime Fun Run is selected by top schools across America year after year as their fundraiser of choice.  It does more than raise a ton of money for our schools.  It provides more than a walk-a-thon for the students.  The FunRunTime Fun Run helps students find their greatness!  The program is CustomFit for your school's campus.

Each student is involved in an experience that helps them see their greatness.  The environment created by the FunRunTime Fun Run is supported by our FitCharacter (Fitness and Character building) curriculum that empowers them to make the right choices longer.  Your students Have a Ton of Fun learning FitCharacter choices...and how fun those choices make their day as they prep for the Fun Run day.  


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We love your feedback. This information is sent straight to the top.  David, Steve and Juan review comments daily and our program evolves based on YOUR likes and dislikes.  Let us know what you think and help transform FundRunners into the future.

The good, the bad and the ugly. We love to hear your cheers but we also know mistakes happen and we need to know when they do. We will make it right if you let us know about it.