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Fun Run Time, Inc is chosen by top schools and organizations across America year after year as their event fundraiser of choice. It does more than raise a ton of money for schools. It provides more than just a jog-a-thon for students. Fun Run Time helps America’s youth find their greatness and assists schools and organizations with all their fundraising needs! The program is CustomFit for your campus.

Each Fun Run Time event is designed to meet your exact needs! We offer various levels of service ranging from our software and expertise package to a full service event that leaves little to no work for the organization. Examples of events include jog-a-thons, color blast runs, indoor glow runs, lift-a-thons, math-a-thons, read-a-thons, and so much more. We can also turn your dance party, splash party, or field day into your next big fundraiser! Find out how our schools are keeping up to 90% profit!

Report Card...Feedback

Some of the feedback we have received in recent months

I have to say that this has been the best experience of their 4th grade year. School has become very hum-drum with all the demands to meet the rigorous standards and district policies regarding required minutes of teaching subject matter.

The FunRunTime Team brought so much life to our school and has given us opportunities to be free and enjoy being together, working for a common goal. We especially appreciate your commitment to all the classes.

Thanks too for your upbeat messages and spirited enthusiasm, we are very grateful...what a role model you are! I wish you all the best as you continue to work with other schools. Know that you are making a difference!

To leave you with a pun...we are happy that “Lightning” struck in the same place so often over the past couple of weeks! What a great experience!

On behalf of all of us in Room 2400, thank you!
— Kimberly Hollingsworth 4th Grade Marvista Elementary
My third grade class was so excited after today’s Kick off assembly, thanks to Boom and Lighting! What a great way to get kids excited about running and having fun. Can’t wait to this excitement grow as we gear up for the Big Fun Run Day! Go Thunder Birds!
— Samantha Smith, Teacher at Cascade View Elementary
After 8 fun and energy filled days at my daughter’s school, today was the big run. I am so impressed with your program. The days leading up to the running event were like ‘Learning Pep Rallies’. The enthusiasm brought by Lightning and Boom each day to the school set such a positive tone for the kids. Always smiling and giving high-5’s. These guys were awesome! Thanks for modeling the type of approach that all adults should take toward our young people. It really made a difference!
— Parent at Marvista Elementary, Normandy Park
I was blown away by how involved my son got, how fun the run was, and was thrilled that we did not have to push ‘stuff’ purchases with family and friends. By far the best fundraiser I have witnessed and supported! Thank You!
— Brooke Galloway - parent from Summit Pointe
He was so excited about his run. What a good experience for the kids to raise money for their school!
— Randy and Nancy Klug
My son goes to Odyssey Prep, and I must tell you this was the most amazing fundraiser I’ve ever been a part of. Usually the fundraisers are boring sales that my son is not at all interested in. This one, what a contrast! He came home every day talking about who he could add to his list of people to call and ask to pledge for him. Each afternoon, he talked about Captain Awesome and Big Dog, and at drop off he would just be jumping up and down to see the FunRunTime team dancing and get his high five. This would have been a great event for the school even if it had nothing to do with fundraising. The run itself was well organized, and it was pure joy watching all the smiling faces of the kids as they ran lap after lap. Thank you so much!
— Georgia - Parent
Also, I just want to let you know, I think your company is amazing. My son has been coming home every day telling me all about ‘Big Dog’ and ‘Thunder’. He tells me how much fun they are and is so excited for the fun run. This is such a great company. It’s a wonderful way to get kids involved with fitness and health, while still making it fun. Thank you once again.
— Olivia Ramirez - parent
We had our first experience with FunRunTime this past Fall and everyone was blown away with the entire program and the money we raised. The team was extremely professional. The students and staff loved working with them.
From a PTA perspective, it was such an easy fundraiser - they did a majority of the work. The amount of money raised allowed us to do one fundraiser for the year.
From a student perspective, the students LOVED it! The team were like heroes/celebrities during the 8 days! They really got into it!
From a staff perspective, they were hesitant for a crazy 8 days, but as it went along, the staff loved them. They were professional and worked hard to excite the students and calm them down again before leaving the class. They were easy to work with and very flexible.
From a parent perspective, parents loved the healthy messages their students were receiving. They were also happy not to be selling products.
It was a win-win for everyone here. We are planning to do it again this next year and everyone is excited to have FunRunTime back at school.
— Brenda Clements, PTA Hawthorn Hill Elementary, KC
After working with a different ‘Fun Run’ company for 3 years, we decided to sign up with FunRunTime for our 4th Fun Run. We were initially intrigued with ‘the more money we raised, the higher percent the school was able to keep’. We also liked the idea of not ‘presenting’ pledge prizes in front of the entire class and distributing them more discreetly.
The FunRunTime team was the best we have ever had!!! They were always on time and courteous. The students absolutely LOVED them!! They provided the daily email updates for teachers, as well as the parents. Their process during the day visiting classrooms and collecting pledge kits required minimal interruption to the teachers’ day.
We were also quite impressed with their collection process. Paying online was made so much easier by not charging a credit card surcharge per pledge. This also meant not having as much cash/checks to count on the final count day.
With FunRunTime, the Fun Run continues to be our biggest fundraiser of the year and is loved by students, teachers, administration and parents alike!
— Sarina Bergman, VP Fundraising for Anasazi Elementary School PTO
I loved the Fun Run. It was such a great experience for the students. Thunder, Skyscaper, Firecracker and Big Dog were good role models for them. The videos and lessons were short and fun every day. Thanks to the PTA for taking a chance on another innovative way to raise money for our school.
— Janice Craig
  1. Quality of Team Members performance (10 = Awesome and 1 = did not meet expectations)

10 Awesome!

Sarena Hefner, Teacher

Thanks for the Fun Run. The kids had a great time! I volunteered, and it was a lot of fun for me too.
— Kathy Forste, parent
I wanted to compliment you on a very well run program. I’m a former marathon runner, so I’ve certainly had experience with running events. Yours was fantastic! The staff were enthusiastic, the two track layout on the grass was very well designed and the water stations and misting jets in the tunnels were exceptional. The line-ups and the transitioning of the classes was expedient and nearly seamless. You even had a “designated” parent viewing site to allow space for all to watch the children and to keep them off the running track area. I’m very impressed with your company and thanks for the opportunity to support my grandchildren’s school in such a positive manner.
— Shireen Zsomboran

I am a: Parent

Location of school: Stuckey Elementary Las Vegas, NV

Feedback: The two who ran the Fun Run at our school were amazing....Big Dog and Game Time were so awesome with the kids. They had them fired up all week, were always geared for fun, and during the race (I went to two fun runs during the day) their energy was contagious, I was even at the final fun run and they were still going strong. These guys were all stars with all ages, from my Kinder little guy to my 3rd grade big girl. They were so much fun to be around. Really made running laps entertaining. As well as the mini-prizes throughout the week..the spontaneous dance parties and the silly string party both of my kids were involved in. They made all classes and kids feel included. So appreciate them and their energy throughout a fundraising week! Kudos to having such great people working for you!!!

I also wanted to mention that I was able to attend the Fun Run at St Matthews last Friday, and you all did an outstanding job! My daughter is in the 1st grade, and she had so much fun. I thought that the event was very well organized and all of the staff were great with the kids. You all made it a lot of fun! We look forward to participating again next year. Have a great day!
— Michelle Kennedy

Just saw your picture on the stage. You are amazing. Great job - wish I had half your energy!!
— Pat Alderton

1. Quality of Team Members performance (10 = Awesome and 1 = did not meet expectations)

·         10

2. What qualities do you think are most important in our Team Members to make the program Rock!?

·         Communication, positive attitude, love for their job and enthusiasm with children 

3. What was your favorite part of the program?

·         The mini lessons….the kids loved them and they were able to connect them to their lives and school work.

                                                                                                                               - Juli Vawter, Teacher

I am a: Teacher

Location of school: Arizona / arrowhead elementary/Glendale

Feedback: I appreciate the hard work and good attitudes of your team. The kids had fun.


  1. Quality of Team Members performance (10 = Awesome and 1 = did not meet expectations)
    10 – they were absolutely awesome!
  2. What qualities do you think are most important in our Team Members to make the program Rock!?
    Brevity and Excitement! They were also great at hyping the kids up then bringing them back down in a short amount of time.
  3. What was your favorite part of the program?
    The daily visits to the classroom. I would have liked to see one every day of the program.

                                                                                                                         - Cynthia Jones, Teacher

From A Parent -

Thank you for all your hard work at Wedgewood Elementary! My daughter was
so inspired by the "Fun Runners" at her school that she has motivated her
whole family to be more active. She was excited by the team at her school
and every time I saw them myself I was impressed with their enthusiasm and

They were a blessing at the school- I wish they were there every week!
Through this endeavor, My first grader earned over $350 for her school and
started on a path of healthy living that has affected our entire
household. As a mother, I really enjoyed this event because rather than
selling un-needed/ un-wanted products, Lani sold her self and was forced
to really WORK for her achievement.

The family and friends who donated were motivated to do so primarily
because of how good it is for the kids. I just can't say enough about it-
you guys are AWESOME! Her school earned almost $30,000- that is fantastic
and inspiring!

Thank you again!
Ashley Denson, TX

I just wanted to thank you for always including my (25) Pre-K Daycare
kids, during Fun Run Time.  Ya'll always go out of your way to make sure
we have a great time..two times a day.  My babies love ya'll and the time
they have with your Fun Run Team.  Your team are heros.  Have a great rest
of your year.
Debby Durden - Magnolia ISD, TX - Pre-School Teacher

1.  Quality of Team Members performance (10 = Awesome and 1 = did not meet expectations)

10: the team members understood when I was teaching and backed out or waited, and they also got the students really pumped up.

2.  What qualities do you think are most important in our Team Members to make the program Rock!?

The excitement. They were really happy to be a part of it, and it was because of Captain Awesome and the rest that really made it for them.

3.  What was your favorite part of the program?

I enjoyed seeing the students pumped up about an event and getting to relax a little.

Caitlin Wong, Teaher @ P.H. Greene Elementary

I am a: Administrator

Location of school: Gig Harbor, WA (Lighthouse School)

Feedback: Thunder and Big Dawg have brought a lot of joy and excitement here this week. We are blessed to have them around, and the children are pumped to have fun, humble, and relate-able young men here!

Warm regards,
Jon Johansen
LCS VP and Counselor

Awesome customer service :-) I appreciate your quick response!
— Lara Tobola - Parent

If you were in charge, What would you change to make the program better?Absolutely Nothing

Quality of Team Members performance (10 = Awesome and 1 = did not meet expectations)

What qualities do you think are most important in our Team Members to make the program Rock!?
Making it fun for our students and encouraging them with your lessons on teamwork.

What was your favorite part of the program?
The dancing:)!!!! This was a fun fundraiser to help raise money for our school. It kept the kids motivated and interested. The actual run showed the importance of why we were raising the money!
Stephanie L Berglund

Teach Elem/Fourth GradeGiesinger Elementary School, Conroe ISD